Monday, March 24, 2008

racism and dogs

we just returned from house-sitting for someone in chicago (free apartment, right was amazing) and while there i had an experience that i'm pretty sure is racist.

first, we were house-sitting for a white guy who lives in a swanky apartment building in downtown chicago. the white guy has a dog who is a hybrid of a dachsund and pomeranian (known as a dachseranian...i'm not kidding). the dog's name is "mister bojangles." (the dog is white, i believe). the door-person at the building is a black woman. dina, the door-person, apparently not troubled by the use of this name for a swag white dog, would sing, loudly, "mister bojangles" every time we walked in. was that racist? and if so, how?

second, before we got to know dina, i tried to use the dog's familiarity with us as evidence that we were authorized to use the apartment (the occupant had forgotten to do some paperwork) and i cited "mister bojangles" as the name of the dog. those who were with me thought that this was racist, seeing as how i didn't know how dina might react. was it?

third, finding the situation totally irresistible, we kept downloading performances of "mister bojangles" off you tube, playing them full-blast and trying to get the dog to "dance." was this racist? or was it just animal cruelty?

finally, on a less anecdotal note, what do we make of some white guy from kansas naming his dog "mister bojangles"? is the use of an iconic black name by a white person racist in and of itself?

Monday, March 17, 2008

More from

As usual, is on the case, digging up Maybe (Probably) Racist stuff from the fertile soil of American popular culture. This time, it's Hollywood's 6 Favorite Offensive Stereotypes.

#6: The Magic Negro

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another thing white people like...

To be liked by black people.

Thanks to Mouse—one of the first people to send me the link to Stuff White People Like—who comes up gold again with Black People Love Us.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Olange, stlawbelly, or glape?

I found this old Jello commercial via's 5 Retro Commercials Companies Would Like You To Forget:

Hmm. This one really seems to speak for itself.

sista' blog?

if you only go to one link on this blog, please make it this one. it is a work of genius.

note #62, #8, #11, #7.

I recommend spending the day cruising through. just fantastic.