Friday, December 19, 2008

china doll

here's a site where you can buy specialty "asian dolls" - each different doll represents a different country - here are china and korea - please note that all the dolls are exactly the same - the only difference is their clothing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Do You Think?

I look at the site from time to time. The following link connects to an article on that site. Check out the link. I think that it is interesting for a number of reasons. The question is simple, are these images racist?

What is black abut "black ice"?

Cassie asks a series of timely and provocative questions:

Is "black ice" racist?

I mean, what exactly is black about black ice?

Why isn't it just invisible ice?

Are ice cubes white ice because you can see them?

I'll just add that Ellison did entitle his book Invisible Man...any connection?

Friday, December 12, 2008

a reason to hate?

some thoughts on what white people eat...

Are Cakewreck fans racist?

The following post is from astute reader Dolly:

So, I normally really like reading Cakewrecks. Lately, though, I've been forced to wonder, "Is it racist?" Laine and I discussed this this morning, and she shared the post that made me notice the trend, but I thought I'd assemble some evidence so that you can judge for yourself.

Exhibit A: Time to Par-Tay

Plaintiff: Asian immigrants, speakers of AAVE


From the comments section-
Sam said...
FWIW, this cake almost certainly came from an asian bakery. The fruit is the giveaway.

kimjohannes said...
You know they named their little bundle of joy after some cheap bottle/box of wine they drank before she was conceived.

Par-tay + cheap wine = It a Gril named "Riunite" (do they still make that wine?) pronounced "Ree-u-nee-tee"

Par-tay on Cake Wrecker

Also, follow-up "inspired by" cake from a reader

Exhibit B: Spider Wreck Chronicles

Plaintiff: Rastafarians, most people from the West Indies

Grievance: Eye dialect

Exhibit C: Cutest Misspellings of Happy Birthday

Plaintiff: Iraqis, Taiwanese

Grievance: Being called "cute."

I don't think the cakes themselves aren't funny, but the commentary makes me cringe because it's so blithe about resorting to stereotype. Is it racist?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are Sock Monkeys Racist?

A friend of mine bought a sock monkey ornament for her Christmas tree. I know that she isn't racist, but the ornament made me start thinking about sock monkeys in general. Yes, people love and collect them; I'm just wondering why? I think that the pictures speak for themselves.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Racist Hippie Tipi?

This was submitted by my friend Nicole. She saw it on Good Morning America and thought to herself that there is something not quite right about this. Not sure if it is racist, but my question is what exactly is a Hippie Tipi?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

racist pizza

courtesy of my ex-student chad who found this right here in worcester. I particularly like that the guy's name appears to be willy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Malcolm Gladwell: racist?

I asked myself this question last week as I listened to Malcolm Gladwell yammer on at NPR about his theory, spelled out in his new book Outliers, that Asian people are good at math because of their tradition of rice farming. I'm delighted to find that AngryAsianMan agrees with me. He writes:

Am I the only one who thinks this theory is absolutely ridiculous? Sure, Asians might consume a lot of rice. And a lot of Asians are good at math. But this does nothing to explain the millions of Asian kids who excel at math but have nothing to do with rice farming.

No, you are not the only one.

I also agree on the matter of this PostSecret submission.