Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can the BNP not be racist?

Thanks to ever-vigilant Sheyda for the tip. The Guardian reports that the British National Party has just agreed to amend its constitution to allow non-white people to join:

The far-right British National party has agreed to change its constitution to allow non-white people to join, it emerged today.

The BNP confirmed it would consider changes to its rules and membership criteria after the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched county court proceedings against the party's leader, Nick Griffin, and two other party officials: Simon Darby and Tanya Jane Lumby.

Robin Allen QC, counsel for the commission, said Griffin had agreed to present members with a revised constitution at its general meeting next month.

He added that the party had agreed not to accept any new members until the new constitution was in place.

John Wadham, group director legal at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: "We are pleased that the party has conceded this case and agreed to all of the commission's requirements. Political parties, like any other organisation are obliged to respect the law and not discriminate against people.

"It is unfortunate that the BNP spent several months before conceding and dealing properly with our legal requirements. We will be monitoring the BNP's compliance with this court order on membership, and its other legal obligations, including to its constituents."

The Central London county court heard Griffin would be given 10 days to submit a signed undertaking confirming the proposed changes.

Somehow, the fact that the BNP had to be legally forced to be less racist only makes it more racist, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is this guy racist against New York?

From Sheyda, via The Awl: An ad for this guy who's running for Governor of Virginia on the platform of "defending Virginia's freedom from whoever tries to take it away, even if it's the New York mayor and his cronies."  And by "cronies," he means those good ol' fashioned mamma mia mob bosses who are followed by the strains of trattoria background music everywhere they go.

Racist, or just idiotic?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is this dress code racist?

Amy B. asks if Fayetteville bar Willy D.'s official dress restrictions are racist:

Image084 by dinosaurhouse.

She also correctly takes issue with the use of Comic Sans in public signage.  But my question is this: "no towels"??  The only way I can possibly understand that prohibition is definitely racist.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Glenn Beck is racist, and he knows it.

Thanks to Tyrel for directing my attention to this outstanding clip of Katie Couric's recent interview with Glenn Beck, in which she asks him to clarify what he meant by "white culture" in his statement that "Barack Obama has a deep-seated hatred for white culture." As James Hibbard ingeniously points out, "The scene plays a bit like Steve Carell's Michael Scott in "The Office" when he's put on the spot about some over-the-top statement." No, really, it does.

Dear lord.

Is the BNP racist against American crayfish?

Sheyda calls our attention to this story from the Guardian on the British National Party's inflammatory contribution to the discourse on Britain's ecological crayfish problem.  After Guardian writer George Monbiot published a story about how the American red signal crayfish was wreaking havoc on the British aquatic ecosystem, BNP legal officer Lee John Barnes credited Monbiot on his blog, 21st Century British Nationalism, with lending a voice to the xenophobic cause.  Barnes writes:
The North American Crayfish is the Mike Tyson of crayfish.

It is a diseased, psychotic, evil, illegal immigrant colonist who displaces the indigenous crayfish, colonises their territory and then reproduces until it totally devastates the indigenous environment and indigenous crayfish.

I am saying nothing governor.

But theres a phrase of his that I believe should be the motto of the Eco-Xenophobes everywhere.

I intend to use it more and when I do I will accredit it to George Monbiot ;


Monbiot is understandably chagrined at being appropriated to the BNP cause; he comments, "Mr Barnes appears to be comparing the American red signal crayfish to human immigrants, whom he apparently wishes to put to death. 'I'm saying nothing governor' means: you know exactly what I'm saying, but if you do your worst I can't be held responsible."  Must those committed to the protection of native non-human species be concerned about their unwitting participation in "eco-xenophobia"?