Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is this shirt racist?

Luis writes in with the following query.  Let's help him out, readers.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, one of my black friends wore a t-shirt to which another black person on the street
objected (She said it was racist and he was doing a disservice to his people and walked away).
The shirt states, "You don't know black, Jack." and shows a picture of two cards, one of them a jack, who is black.

I thought it was quite funny and didn't see it as racist at all. To me, the pun means 1) that most white people
(Jack) don't understand blacks or black culture or 2) that you underestimate how well this black person can play the game of blackjack.
Am I missing something, or was the person being hypersensitive?

An excellent question.  Plus, the issue of provocative t-shirts reminds me of one of my favorite real-life stories: My friend She-She, who is black, wore a t-shirt I bought her from a well-known hipster (read: white) t-shirt store to the grocery store.  The t-shirt had a picture of a typical happy (read: white) family standing around a grill and said WHITE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.  Apparently some old white guy in the store went off on She-She about how her t-shirt was racist, and was so out-of-control that he had to be dragged off by his mortified and apologetic adult daughter.  She-She simply replied, "He proves my point."

Is it racist to dress your wine like a Chinese call girl?

Found in World Market, Auburn, AL by Dolly, Stephanie, Cassie, and Tracey.

Is this kid racist?

Yellow kid FTW!

Submitted by Will.